Answer series of short questions about your current or proposed business / Industry to create a customized list of the Approvals / NOC's / Licences / Registrations you may require in Madhya Pardesh
Select type of enterprise   

List of Pre Establishment Questionnaire

 Select type of organisation
 Provide investment details
 Please select type of land
 Is merger or division of plots required in approved layout
 Private Land is in which area
 Category of Industry
 Building Construction Permission required in -
 Does the Line of Activity fall under any of the given category
 Select water source
 Is your Contracted Load
 Is height of Building/Plant/ Premises more than 15 m
 Manufacture spirit in distillery
 Country spirit bottling
 License (Brewery)
 License Winery
 Solar Energy Generation Project
 Wind Energy Generation Project
 Small Hydro Power Generation Project
 Biomass Power Generation Project
 Prospecting License (Granite and Marble)
 Prospecting License-cum-Mining License
 Mining Lease
 Manufacturing of Medicines / Cosmetics
 Cosmetics Manufacturing
 Homeopathic Medicines Manufacturing
 Manufacturing of Large Volume Preparations, Sera & Vaccines

List of Pre Operations Questionnaire

 Does any of your installation exceeds 650v
 Total no of employment
 Does the Manufacturing Process relates to any of these categories
 Will you be hiring more than 5 inter state migrant workman
 Do you employ more than 20 or more contractual workers
 Do you employ workers for building construction
 Is expected turnover more than 25 lac pa
 Is expecting Inter state sale
 Does your Business include activities related to Luxury, Advertisement & Entertainment
 Do you need to lay cable for Manufaturing /Service
 Will you be operating boilers
 Authorization for Handling activities of hazardous waste.
 Registration for Handling/ Management of Hazardous waste
 Authorization for Urban Solid Waste Management.
 Registration for Plastic Waste Management.
 Registration for Battery Waste Management and recycling.
 Authorization for e-waste storage and recycling Registration of e-waste storage and recycling
 Notification of Site for Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals
 Authorization for Bio Medical Waste Management
 Drug Manufacturing